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Do Not Run From A Hamstring Injury

Runner with hamstring muscle painful spasm
Although the word hamstring is singular, it refers to a group of four muscles that are located in the back of the thigh. The purpose of the hamstring is to allow your leg to bend at the knee. When a hamstring injury occurs, the muscles become overloaded with stress and might start to tear. This is what causes a hamstring injury. Ouch!

How To Tell If You Have A Fractured Rib


It’s spring time, and that means more outdoor activities, more athletic activities, and more movement in general. Something about the change of seasons brings people together, and brings them outside.


Treat Your Shin Splints At Home

inflammation. Tibial periostitis hurt while jogging on beach.

You’re finally doing it – training for a marathon, getting healthy, or just working out daily when suddenly you start to feel lower leg discomfort. When the tibia, or shinbone, is overworked, a terrible pain develops down the front of the lower leg. These are known as shin splints.


Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Injury Treatment

Blood collection
Over the past 15-20 years, new technology, procedures, and breakthroughs have revolutionized the healthcare industry. Surgeries and recovery times have become shorter and numerous lives have been saved due to these discoveries. One in particular that has been very effective in the orthopedic world is called Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy due to the efficiency in successful injury treatment.