I’ve had 5 total knee replacements in the last 3 yrs, 3 on one leg and 2 on the other so I can form a good opinion based on experience… She is by far the best knee surgeon that I’ve encountered as I’ve had 2 others that put me through a lot of pain an grief. I knew right away this 5th knee was different, I could feel it in the muscles or lack of muscle pain from being stretched too far..there’s no comparison to the previous replacements with the results being so vastly different. Point of fact, walked more than 600 ft within 24 hours of surgery! I walked (slowly) without a cane 2 days out an without a limp! Now I know what it feels like to have a replacement done the correct way! I’m a month out now an drive myself around doing my own errands I really cannot say enough good things about Dr Khoury and her level of competence & skill..!

– Thomas M.

I have found Dr. Khoury to be extremely competent…She is a very good listener, takes what in this day and age is a significant amount of time with me, and WANTS me involved in the decision-making process.

I’ve had a number of orthopedic surgeons over the years (including the developer of the original KT1000 knee tester), she is first-rate, and you couldn’t pay me to say that about anyone. She patiently explained TWO times (separate visits) why the injection was going where it was–due to level of swelling, knee spaces connected.

I hope and trust your experience will be as good as mine!

– Bruce M.

Hello, my name is Dean, and I just wanted to tell you about my wonderful experience at IMS Orthopedics. I had a total knee replacement on my right knee. Everyone in the office was so courteous and helpful as they went over every detail about my surgery. They showed great expertise and professionalism which helped make my surgery a success story in my life. I received the latest knee replacement technology, and my recovery time was very quick and positive. I tell everyone I know that if he or she needs a joint replacement, I highly recommend IMS Orthopedics.

Thank you, IMS Orthopedics, for your dedication and service to our community.

– Dean

I called [the office] on a Monday and needed an appt on a Tuesday. Staff got me in the next Tuesday. As a NEW PATIENT! I walked in right at appt time and was taken back to room within 10 minutes. Saw the radiology techs, then MA, then Dr. Ferry … all within the next 15 minutes. I felt comfortable with his assessment and treatment plan. If I ever need surgery, I’ll be back. As I posted on Facebook today … One of the best new patient appts ever. I was in and out in 45 minutes and left with a plan and feeling assured and confident in my surgeon. Great office!

– Thomas

Hi, I’m John and I had both of my knees replaced last November. My highly trained physician used the latest computer navigation technology to ensure perfect alignment of my knee implants. Three months after surgery, I comfortably returned back to my workouts at the gym!

Many thanks to IMS Orthopedics and all the courteous and experienced people in the office.

-John, Goodyear, AZ

After suffering for years from a painful, arthritic knee which made walking a difficult task, I finally decided to have a partial knee replacement several years ago. Thanks to the expertise of my doctor and the staff at IMS Orthopedics, I can now walk, cycle, play golf and tennis with no problem whatsoever. I only wish I had decided to have this surgery done long ago! The results have been truly miraculous and I am grateful to IMS Orthopedics for providing me the opportunity to return to an active lifestyle.

– Angie, Flight Attendant, Goodyear, AZ

While playing the second game of a double header, I tore my distal bicep tendon by simply swinging a bat. I walked off the playing field and into the emergency room where I was referred to IMS Orthopedics. As a police officer, I was concerned for my career since the job requires jumping fences and an occasional, fighting of a bad guy. The surgery was successful, and within a few months, I was competing and finishing the Iron Man Triathlon.

-Greg Hunter, Goodyear, AZ

On my first day of skiing in Telluride, I slipped on a patch of ice and felt a pop in my knee. Since my husband had such a great experience at IMS Orthopedics, I knew I would be in good hands. It’s been several months since my ACL reconstructive surgery and I am actively recovering. My goal is to be ready to do my first triathlon in November! Thank you IMS Orthopedics for allowing my husband and myself to continue our active lifestyles!

-Teresa Hunter, Goodyear, AZ

I had a Total Tricep Tendon Tear and seven weeks after my surgery, I re-tore it. My second surgery seemed to be a real job for my doctor at IMS Orthopedics because there was very little tendon left to work with… but he put me back together. Here is a picture of my right arm. As you can see, not only does my Tricep work, but also it is as strong as it was before.

– Kevin Warner, Goodyear, AZ

Last Thursday I received a lumbar laminectomy from you and your team performed at L4-L5 and again at L5-S1 joints. I have suffered for years with this debilitating pain without any path for relief. Your Surgical team was outstanding in working to relieve my nerve compression issues. I actually felt better on the way out of the hospital than on the way in. OK, maybe there was a little fire, but the nerve pain has been reduced dramatically.

In 3-5 months we will address the SI joint issue that originally led me to find you and IMS Orthopedics. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I really appreciated your attention and actions to get me ready and through this surgery. Sincerely, Thank you!

– Jim Holt

Dr. Ferry did a wonderful job fixing my elbow, and I’m very pleased with the result! Thank you so much!

– V. Strohl